It’s never been so simple to plan a trip. Here is our Step-by-Step Guide on how to create a trip with Planny Drive

To choose your destination, simply tap "Enter Destination" on the homepage trip builder part. For date and duration adjustments, click on "Add dates." Please remember that the travel dates are selected after you arrive at your destination.

After selecting your first destination, tap "Add Destination," and then click on "Add dates" to include additional destinations in your travel plan.

You can easily modify your itinerary by clicking the "change" button on the specific activity you'd like to change. This will take you to a destination page where you can explore the city and select a new activity to replace the previous one.

To remove an activity, press the "trash can" icon on the activity you want to delete. Once you've deleted an activity, a new "add activity" button will appear, allowing you to add a different activity or leave the time slot free for your own plans.

When rearranging your itinerary, please check the activity's opening hours, as some activities may have changed operating hours.

After creating your trip, you can add co-travelers by using the "share" icon on the top page. Clicking "share" will automatically copy your trip link (there’s no need to copy from the browser). You can then share this link with your fellow travelers for collaborative editing. Simply paste the link into your social messenger or email.

Can I see the changes made by co-travelers to the trip? Yes, whenever a co-traveler makes adjustments to the trip, you can see the changes in real-time. If you copy the browser link, it won't allow other viewers to edit your trip.

To save a trip and personalize it, click "Make This Trip Yours." The trip will then be stored in your "My Trips" section, and you can freely add or delete activities according to your preferences.

Currently, we do not support sign-up or user accounts. Your trip data is stored in your browser's cache. If you delete your browser's cache, your trip data will also be deleted. Please ensure you back up your trip information (by sharing co-traveler or printing the trip) if you intend to clear your browser cache.

To print your complete trip plan, click the "Print Trip" button. This will allow you to generate a printed copy of your trip for your convenience.

To find directions to activities, whether by walking, driving, or public transportation, simply click on the activity address. This will redirect you to Google, where you can choose your preferred mode of transportation and get detailed directions to your destination.